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Why do in-person experiences matter?

The other day I found my old Blockbuster card in the bottom of a drawer, and it made me think about how video rental stores are a relic of the past. There’s no denying that services like Netflix and Amazon have made life easier. You can have access to just about anything at the touch of a button!

But there’s something missing from people’s day-to-day lives and that’s experience! Clicking a button on Netflix just isn’t the same as going to a real movie theater, smelling the popcorn, perusing the movie posters, and leaning next to your date.

That’s what I want to provide for my clients as an event planner at Events of Pittsburgh – an unforgettable experience that triggers all their senses. We have traded experiences for convenience, and I think that’s a really big mistake! We need to get back to living in the present and sharing real moments together.

The truth is that in-person experiences are still valuable – even in the age of the internet. Don’t believe me? Here are 5 reasons why you should reconsider!

1. In-Person Experiences Create Lasting Memories

When you have an in-person experience, it’s something you’ll remember for years to come. You’ll have stories to tell and moments to cherish. These memories will be far more vivid and impactful, because you experienced them first-hand.

If you are having an event, the best way to be in the moment and take in everything around you is to hire an event planner! At Events of Pittsburgh, we will make sure everything goes smoothly, so you can just sit back and enjoy yourself.

2. You Can’t Replicate the Sights, Smells, and Sounds of an In-Person Experience

The internet is great, but no VR headset is a replacement for the real world. You can’t smell the flowers at a virtual museum or hear the laughter of children at an online Zoo. When you have an in-person experience, you get to enjoy all the senses – not just sight!

As an event planner, I consider my client’s sensory experience. For instance, if I’m planning a wine tasting, I’ll make sure the venue has soft lighting and calming music playing in the background. This creates an atmosphere where people can relax and enjoy the experience.

3. In-Person Experiences are Social

In-person experiences are social by nature. They bring people together to share a common experience. This is something you can’t replicate online. No matter how many friends you have on Facebook, there’s nothing like being in the same room with someone and sharing a laugh or a hug. After isolating ourselves during the pandemic, we need in-person experiences now more than ever!

If you are planning an event, ask yourself: Do I have opportunities for guests to come together and interact? This is something my team and I can help with at Events of Pittsburgh. We offer a photo booth, for example, that is a great icebreaker and gives people something to do during your event.

4. In-Person Experiences Get You Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s good to try new things and step outside your comfort zone. In-person experiences are a great way to do just that. This could be anything from visiting a new city to going to a concert to joining in a karaoke session. In-person experiences force you to be present in the moment and open to new things. Who knows – you might just end up enjoying yourself!

There’s nothing that gives me greater joy as an event planner than seeing a wall flower come out of their shell and have a great time at one of our events. If you are planning an event, make sure to choose activities that will get everyone involved and having fun! We can help you with this at Events of Pittsburgh.

5. In-Person Experiences Transport You

In-person experiences allow you to be transported to another place – whether that’s a museum, amusement park, or even just an international food tasting. The truth is that we are still kids at heart and like to play make believe. In-person experiences give us the chance to do just that!

When I’m planning an event, I want my clients to have that same immersive feeling of being transported to another place. That’s why I work with them to choose a theme and activities that fit that theme. For example, for a recent Frozen party, we had a real-life Queen Elsa come and interact with the guests. This made the experience even more real and enjoyable for the kiddos.

Want to Have Your Own In-Person Experience? Events of Pittsburgh Can Help!

Now that you know the importance of in-person experiences, it’s time to start planning your own! If you need help, our team at Events of Pittsburgh is here for you.

Hiring an event planner is the best way to ensure that you can enjoy your event and take everything in without having to worry about the logistics. At Events of Pittsburgh, we will work with you to create a custom event that fits your needs and ensures that everything goes smoothly.

Let’s start the journey today by giving us a call at 724-968-7135 or using our online form to book a consultation. We can’t wait to help you create an unforgettable event!