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Introduction: Why Choose a Pittsburgh Popcorn Tent?

Imagine the aroma of buttery popcorn filling the air and that inviting sound of popping kernels. For me, popcorn always puts a smile on my face and no doubt your guests will be smiling too! Popcorn tents bring excitement to any event you’re hosting and they can easily generate sales. Still not sure if a popcorn tent is the right choice for your Pittsburgh event? Read on to learn ten delicious reasons why renting one is worth every penny.

Serve a Crowd with a Popcorn Tent

pittsburgh popcorn tent

Popcorn tents offer the perfect solution for large groups with hungry guests. You’ll never have to worry about running out of snacks again – these tents serve a lot! The smells and popping sounds of a popcorn tent keep your guests entertained, while they enjoy this delicious snack. Spilling crumbs or buttery residue will be no concern either, because disposable cups come as a part of every rental. These popcorn tents suit any size event from 25 to 250 guests.

Offer a Snack Everyone Loves with a Popcorn Tent

pittsburgh popcorn tent

Can you think of a more quintessential party food than popcorn? The salty, buttery flavor ignites your taste buds, and guests will easily hold this snack while they wander about your event! You just can’t beat the taste of freshly popped popcorn. Freshly made popcorn tastes much better than premade popcorn, and premade popcorn could go stale if you’re not careful with how long it sits out before eating.

Set Up a Popcorn Tent with Ease

You can easily set up one of our popcorn tents. In fact, you might as well already call yourself a pro. You don’t need any additional stress during your event. After a brief instructional session from me, you’ll be ready to start pleasing crowds with your popcorn making skills! Need someone to work your popcorn tent? Let’s chat about hiring on a worker for you – I have resources and will get them started right away! It will be great, because they’re already popcorn making pros.

Customize Your Popcorn Tent

My team and I will customize your popcorn tent to suit any occasion: birthdays, weddings, graduation parties, and more. No matter what event you’re planning, we will create a design that’s perfect for it. I love to decorate, and I am capable in making your popcorn tent ideas come to life.

Transport a Popcorn Tent with Ease

You can easily transport our popcorn tents due to their lightweight design, so you can take them anywhere you want. Easily pack up the tent in a minivan or SUV, and they’re not very heavy either. Rest assured that if you rent one of our popcorn tents, we will handle setup and tear down. We believe in the full-service experience, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Rent a Popcorn Tent without Breaking Your Bank

pittsburgh popcorn tent

The price for one of our popcorn tents depends on the size you need, but a popcorn tent is an affordable option to have at your event. Let’s discuss your specific needs and find the best one for you. For how many pounds of popcorn a tent can produce in just minutes, we think this is definitely worth your while!

Make Sales with a Popcorn Tent

Popcorn tents provide the perfect solution for any company looking to generate revenue. Set them up in a flash and you’ll have an instant, portable concession stand! Popcorn tastes great on movie night or at your next carnival event – no matter what time of year it is. Use popcorn tents for fundraisers or just as a way to make a little extra cash. They’re so affordable and easy to set up that you’ll be able to make some money in no time at all. Popcorn is the perfect fundraising food, because it’s easy to make, inexpensive, and tasty.

Add Festive Ambience with a Popcorn Tent

Give your guests the carnival feel without the expense. The smell of popcorn and sound of kernels popping will put any guest in an instant good mood, reminiscent of days at the fairground with all their sights and smells. And who doesn’t love the smell and sounds of a popcorn tent?

Create a Social Environment with a Popcorn Tent

pittsburgh popcorn tent

Popcorn tents allow guests to organically socialize at an event or party. Guests can come and go as they please, pausing to chat with their friends at one point and then getting back in line later to try some more delicious, salty goodness. This creates a fun environment that encourages banter among your guests.

Keep Guests Satisfied with a Popcorn Tent

Guests can snack on popcorn while they wait to have their lunch or dinner. Popcorn fills you up without leaving you feeling sluggish or stuffed. Popcorn will keep guests satisfied and content as the event goes on, so you’re sure that nobody will get “hangry” and leave early!

Events of Pittsburgh: Your Pittsburgh Popcorn Tent Provider

Popcorn tents can bring festive fun to your next event. They can also be used all year round and they’re easy to transport, set up, and customize for any occasion! Best of all? You don’t have to break the bank when you rent them.

Events of Pittsburgh provides popcorn tent rentals that will fit within your budget while still adding excitement to your next party or family gathering. If you need help finding the perfect popcorn tent for your event, we’ve got you covered. Call us today to make your popcorn tent ideas a reality or contact us online with questions.