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I have been CEO of Weddings and Events of Pittsburgh for over twenty years – it’s hard to believe how time has flown by! As a business owner with years under my belt, I know a thing or two about keeping my employees happy and motivated. Specifically, I’ve learned from experience that fun team building events are crucial. That’s why every year, I make sure to plan at least a few fun activities for my planning team – from go karts and pizza to something simple like a hiking trip at a local park.

As we come out of this pandemic, many employees feel disconnected from their companies due to remote work or just the anxieties of life. Let’s be honest – an employee that doesn’t feel like they belong will inevitably head for the door, and you can’t afford that. A corporate event could be a great opportunity to get you back in touch with your team and make their enthusiasm for your company and brand stronger than ever before.

As ethical employers, we really do care about our employees and want them to feel like they belong at work. A celebration for your team is a great way to do that. An enthusiastic workforce is going to be a good workforce. You want your employees to have a sense of belonging and a drive to support you. Not all corporate events have to be cookie cutter, either. For instance, maybe your team is not well suited to a sit down dinner at some over-the-top venue. That’s okay! Perhaps a fun weekend excursion would better fit the millennial and generation z crowd. At Events of Pittsburgh, we are here to discuss options with you and workshop a corporate event that fits the needs of your workforce.

It’s completely understandable if the thought of planning a corporate retreat, workshop, or seminar seems overwhelming. After all, most people haven’t even attended any events for years let alone planned one. My team and I at Events of Pittsburgh are the solution to your event planning problems with our luxury concierge planning services.

Due to the climate of the world, planning an event right now can feel like an uncertain maze of rules. You want to make sure that you are properly observing compliance with the event group, the clients, the guests, the vendors, and others involved in making your event successful. At Events of Pittsburgh, we are Pandemic On-Site Protocol Certified (POP) which ensures your safety as we design a specialized duty of care for your event!

Know that we are here to help you with all your corporate event needs. From teambuilding events to milestones, we can provide a variety of different experiences for the whole company! Events of Pittsburgh is the team to call when you want an event that will bring people together in a fun and meaningful way. Our expertise makes us perfect for corporate gatherings, from cocktails and tapas all the way up to a large scale conference.

Click the gold link above, email us or book a call, share all the details about your event and let’s make it an experience everyone will remember!