Pittsburgh Tent Rental

Pittsburgh Tent Rental has the best tents for all your needs. Whether you're planning a wedding, birthday, family reunion, corporate event, or music festival - Pittsburgh Tent Rentals will have what you need to make it an eventful occasion! We offer a wide variety of options to make sure that no matter what your needs may be, we will have the right tent to suit them.

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What Types of Tents Does Pittsburgh Tent Rental Offer?

  • – Party Canopies
  • – Pole Tents
  • – Frame Tents
  • – Marquee Tents
  • – Wedding Tents
  • – And much more!

What Size Tents Does Pittsburgh Tent Rental Offer?

  • – 20 x 20 tent seating
  • – 20 x 50 tent seating
  • – 20 x 80 tent seating
  • – 30×30 tent seating
  • – 30 x 40 tent seating
  • – 30 x 60 tent seating
  • – 40 x 40 tent seating
  • – And much more!
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Why Choose Pittsburgh Tent Rental?

Pittsburgh Tent Rental is an experienced team with over two decades of work in the greater Pittsburgh area. We offer a wide range of design services that will take your party or event to the next level–all at prices you can afford! From tent rentals for weddings, block parties and corporate events; we’ve got it all right here in Pittsburgh PA. Our service doesn’t stop there – we also have tables & chairs available as well as other d├ęcor pieces like chandeliers & rental furniture.

Let’s chat about your tent needs with a phone call or make an online appointment. We can go over everything you need from start to finish.

Want to see the difference that Pittsburgh Tent Rental can provide for your event?

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